Famous Indonesian Culture Abroad

Indonesian Culture – Indonesia is famous for its cultural diversity. Indonesian culture is also known abroad.

Not only famous but also recognized by the world. Some even studied Indonesian culture. Here are Indonesian cultures that are known abroad:

1. Kikkak dance

Bali is a popular tourist area abroad. The famous culture is the Kikkak dance. The Kikkak dance is a classical dance that is performed collectively and has a dramatic component.

2. Bendet dance

Apart from the Kecak Dance, Pendet Dance is also spread all over the world. The bendet dance is a dance performed by a woman who performs worship activities at the temple. The Bendet dance is now a welcoming dance for the gods who come down to the world and greet guests with welcome greetings.

3. Barong Dance

Another popular Balinese dance abroad is Parong. Barong dance is one of the Balinese dances that have existed from pre-Hindu cultural civilizations. This dance depicts a battle between good and evil. Barong as a symbol of good versus Rangda as a symbol of evil.

4. dolls

Wayang is a famous Indonesian culture. Wayang was also recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Indonesia in 2003 and has been widely recognized by the world community. The aliens also studied dolls.

Wayang is a performance art performed by a puppeteer accompanied by gamelan music and the voice of a singer. This story is told in the puppet show about Petrok, Cimar, Pagung and Garring.

5. Angklung

Angklung is a traditional West Javanese musical instrument. This musical instrument was also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site on January 19, 2011. The certificate was handed over by the former Indonesian Ambassador to UNESCO, Tresna Dermawan Kunefe, to the then Minister of National Education, Muhammad Noah. .

6. Keris

Keris is used by members of the kingdom as an ancient heritage weapon. Keris is a traditional weapon that is believed to contain magical powers. This heritage weapon was recognized by UNESCO as a “ masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of human ” on November 25, 2005.

7. Saman Dance

The Saman dance is a dance that originates from Gayo, Aceh. This dance is recognized and inscribed in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage that requires immediate protection from 22 to 29 November 2011.

The saman dance displays flapping wings with other movements without changing or changing other limbs and legs. This dance is usually performed to celebrate important events in local customs. The Saman dance words use a mixture of Arabic and gayo.

8. Reog Ponorogo

Reog Ponorogo is one of the traditional arts in the form of dance.

In the Reog Ponorogo performance, there is no specific and patented dance scenario. Reog artists usually perform based on the scenes they have learned by adding a swinging motion to Reog’s head. The Reog player wears a lion’s head mask with a peacock feather crown. The weight of the crown can reach about 50-60 kg.

9. Ramayana Ballet

Ramayana Ballet is a combination of dialogue-free dance and stage performance based on the Ramayana puppet story. This ballet was performed in 1961 at Prambanan Temple in 1961. It was performed on a stage with a beautiful view of the Prambanan temple.

10. Batik

Batik is an Indonesian culture known abroad. In the past, batik was often used as ceremonial clothing. However, batik can now be used for informal events.

Batik is produced in a very unique way, namely writing hot wax on canvas using polishing.